Friday, December 20, 2013


NOAH family,

The NOAH Board has worked hard to create a way to return to the former practice of Board elections.

All families who have had a child(ren) enrolled in a sport & are in good standing over the past 12 months will have an opportunity to vote (one vote per Family).

We have 3 Board positions that will be coming Open this year. Board member Terms are for 3 years, and each year 3 positions come open to be filled.

The Schedule for this process is as follows:

January Board meeting----Nominations
February Board Meeting--Forum-some time for each candidate to address the membership and answer any questions they may have.
March Meeting---------------Elections (again, ONE ballot per family)

Since this is a new process this year, and since NOAH has grown to such great size since this was done in the past, there are sure to be glitches along he way.
Hopefully each year we can make the process smoother.

NOMINATIONS may be made in writing or email to any Board member or presented in person at the next Board meeting.
Board meetings are held the first Thursday each month (except January which will be the second, due to Holidays).

If there are any questions or interest, please feel free to email me.


Patrick Vickers
NOAH Board, Secretary

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