Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Elementary REC Baseball Sign-ups - Jan. 21, 2012

2012 Elementary REC Baseball Sign-ups - Jan. 21st

NEW LEAGUE in 2012 - The elementary REC league teams will play in the Indian Springs REC League this year.  Teams will be formed based on Age as of 4/30/12. 

When: Saturday January 21st, 2012 from 9:00 a.m-12:00 p.m.

Where: Tulsa Bible Church – 5838 S. Sheridan, Tulsa, OK.

Who: Homeschool Players Ages 10 and under as of 4/30/12 
   NOTE: If you are 11 and older as of 4/30/12, please contact Darron Replogle at


2012 Player Fees - $125 includes league fees, insurance, baseball jersey and cap

Plus Broken Arrow Youth Baseball (Indian Springs) has a mandatory fundraiser for all players - $60. You have the option to buy out or sell $60 dollars worth of raffle tickets for a chance to win $10,000.  This fundraiser will be handled by BAYB. More information will be available at the sign-ups.

NOAH has a No Pay No Play policy and a No Refund Policy on player fees. There are some exceptions to these rules but they are rare.

Make check payable to NOAH for $125. 

2012 Uniform Cost – Estimated $25. Buy on your own: grey baseball pant, royal blue socks and belt


Please go to the website and click on FORMS and print off the following forms, fill them out and bring them on Jan. 21st.

1) NOAH Handbook (sign and bring the last couple of pages of Handbook)
2) Bring a copy of your child’s state birth certificate

Coaching Forms: (All Coaches)

1) Coaching Application

2) Coach Code of Conduct

Darron Replogle

Baseball Athletic Director

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NOAH partners with Arvest Bank

NOAH partners with Arvest Bank

Get your Arvest Bank NOAH Jaguars debit card now!

Go into any Arvest bank, open your free checking account and ask for your NOAH Jaguars debit card. Each time someone opens a new account and request the NOAH debit card, Arvest Bank will donate $25 to the NOAH Jaguars. Ask family and friends to get one also just be sure to sign-up under NOAH Jaguars.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOAH Eligibility - Message from NOAH President

NOAH Families,

On behalf of the NOAH Board, I'd like to thank you for your prayers and active voices over the past couple of months as the Board has worked its way through trying to define and clarify the Eligibility Requirements for participation in NOAH.

As the successes of home based education continue to grow and spread in the midst of a public school culture that continues to remove itself from any form of biblical underpinning, the options and number of families opting to educate from home will only grow. Currently, being educated from home can be accomplished traditionally by mom and dad or through the use of tutors, coops, online enrollment, distance learning and correspondence classes. Being educated from home can be part time, full time, diploma based tracks or non-diploma based. Home education can be achieved by completely private funding of the parents, completely public funding through public school systems, public school systems partnering with charter schools or multiple combinations of all. As you can see, the model has morphed to such an extent that there will never be a universally agreed upon definition of “Home Schooling”. The best that can be accomplished is to develop a NOAH definition that aligns most consistently with the mission and vision of the organization, then clearly and consistently communicate it.

The NOAH Board has prayerfully chosen to not broaden its current definition for NOAH eligibility. The amendment (highlighted below) was made to clarify that only student athletes that meet the three criteria as defined as "parent directed" AND are being home educated through privately funded means are allowed to participate in NOAH.

Thank you again for your prayers and voices.

Please see current Board approved NOAH Eligibility Guidelines below.


Home schooled is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent‐directed.

As such, the parents shall be involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of principal or
headmaster, thereby:

(1) Setting the date and requirements for high school graduation.
(2) Selecting and approving course materials and study schedules.
(3) Selecting tutors, correspondence courses, videos, computer courses and similar resources for their child’s education.

∙Students enrolled in a publically/government funded education program are NOT eligible for participation in NOAH athletics with the exception of concurrent/post secondary enrollment as stated *below.

∙ There are a number of home school tutorial institutions in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Based on information provided, the NOAH Board has reviewed and approved students attending the following institutions as eligible for participation in NOAH Athletics:

1. Cornerstone Tutorial Center
2. Faith Central Christian Academy
3. One Hope Tutorial Center
4. Augustine Christian Academy (if enrolled part time)
5. Regent Prepatory (if enrolled in the 9th grade or above, part time)
6. C.E.A. Christian Education Alliance

The NOAH Board will review requests from additional institutions on an as
needed basis.

∙ Clearly, full time enrollment in a traditional public or private school is not homeschooling because the child’s education in such schools is not parent directed.

∙ *It is understood that students may have the opportunity to take dual‐credit
college courses, (Concurrent Enrollment), particularly in their junior or senior years. NOAH encourages such enrollment by homeschooled students and the definition above shall not be construed to mean that such students are not homeschooled if the participating college admitted the homeschooled student as
a high school student.

Students are limited to no more than 6 credit hours of concurrent enrollment
per semester.

∙ There may be additional and/or different sport specific eligibility guidelines for
end‐of‐the‐season, regional or national tournaments. Please be sure to see the
sport specific addendum to this handbook for further information concerning
eligibility in those tournaments.

∙ As of September 1st, 2009 all NOAH private school athletes on a Fall 2009 or prior
season (Fall 08 / Spring 09) roster are eligible to continue participation in NOAH
up to their High School graduation date, i.e., "grandfathered" into the NOAH

*Participation must be continuous, without interruption.

Where there is a question of eligibility due to the definition of homeschooling,
the NOAH Board shall review the matter and render a decision in writing in a timely manner to the affected party. The Board reserves the right to modify this policy/definition if needed, as the homeschooling movement continues to grow and change.

God Bless,

Fred Sabatini
NOAH President

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Youth Competitive Baseball Players Needed for Spring 2012

The NOAH Youth Competitive Baseball teams for the 11U and 13U age groups are looking for a couple more players to round out their rosters for upcoming Spring 2012 baseball season. 

The age cut off dates are 5/1/2012.

For the 13U team, you can not turn 14 prior to 5/1/12.
For the 11U team, you can not turn 12 prior to 5/1/12.

If you are interested, please reply to one of the following coaches:

Randie Grantham - 11U Head Coach -
Randy Jacoby - 13U Head Coach -
Darron Replogle - Baseball AD -

Monday, October 31, 2011

High School Baseball Conference - Saturday November 5th

Sponsored By And Proceeds Benefitting NOAH High School Baseball

Guest Speakers will include:

Jim Walton- Major League Baseball Scout

Steven Shell- With the Atlanta Braves

Rusty Gerhardt- Ex Major League Pitcher

Darren Lunow- Personal Trainer with Central State

When: Saturday November 5th, 2011

9:00am-4:00pm (lunch break 11:30am -1:00pm lunch not included)

Where: Liberty Church, 7777 S. Garnett Road. Broken Arrow

Advanced Ticket Prices:
Adult (19 and up)- $35.00
Student (18 and under)- $20.00
Parent and player both- $50.00
Special coaches' lunch with speakers -$10.00
All tickets will be $5.00 more at the door.

Please contact Kimberli McKillip for tickets or information

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Applebee's Fundraiser is a Huge Success!

The high school baseball fundraiser at Applebee's on Saturday, Oct. 8th was a huge success!  We would like to thank Applebee's for hosting the event in support of the high school program.  Thanks to all the coaches, players, families and friends for your support in making it a success!  The final tally shows a net donation of $2,606.80 after paying Applebee's.  GREAT JOB!!

The next fundraising event will be a baseball conference on November 5th provided by MLB Scout, Jim Walton along with current and former MLB players Steven Shell and Rusty Gerhardt.  More details will be announced later.

Thank you!
Kim McKillip and Kathi Shumaker
Baseball Fundraiser Coordinators  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High School Baseball Pancake Fundraiser - Sat October 8th

Attention all NOAH baseball coaches, players, families and friend,

NOAH High School Baseball is holding a Applebees Pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, October 8th from 7am to 10am.  Tickets are $6 each with an immediate family cap of $25.  This includes pancakes, sausage links, and your choice of drink!  Tickets are being sold by the players or you can just show up for a great breakfast and help our NOAH Jags Baseball program!  NOAH gets to keep 80% of the proceeds.

Applebees at 9409 East 71st Street (71st and Highway 169) in Tulsa.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a good breakfast and support the baseball program!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spring 2012 Youth Competitive Team Tryouts - October 15th

Baseball Spring 2012 Competitive Team Tryouts – 10U thru 14U

For all tryouts please arrive 30 minutes early for warm-up. 

All prospects need to pre-register by emailing player's name, date of birth, team previously played on to Darron Replogle at

All prospects should dress in baseball attire (wear a protective cup) and bring your glove, bat and water bottle. Tryouts will commence on time as indicated below.

All team rosters are open. If you played on a NOAH competitive team last year, you must tryout again this year.
The tryouts will last approximately 2 hours. Depending on the number of prospects, it could be longer.

Tryout Dates:

13U/14U Team - Oct. 15th - 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Ages 13 or 14 and under as of 4/30/2012

11U/12U Team - Oct. 15th - 11:30- 1:30 p.m.
Ages 11 or 12 and under as of 4/30/2012

10U Team – Oct. 15th - 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Ages 9 or 10 and under as of 4/30/2012

Tryout Location: NOAH Practice Fields located at 83rd and S. 129th East Ave. (between 81st and 91st) at the New Creations Church. There are no restroom facilities at the practice fields. The nearest facility is at the QuikTrip at the corner of 81st and Garnett. Please take care of business prior to tryout.

Roster: Each team will be limited to 10 or 11 players. Please note that if we have enough players to form odd age teams like an 11 yr old and/or 13 yr old team, we will form teams accordingly. For the evaluation purposes, we are combining ages. Players must be homeschool unless grandfathered into the program.

Fees: Expect to pay anywhere from $250-300 plus $100-120 uniform cost.

2012 League: The last three years, all competitive teams have played at Indian Springs (131st and 145th east ave). Each year, we evaluate which league is the best fit for our teams. There are 14-16 regular season games plus 4-5 weekend tournaments. Please note, there will be occasional tournament games played on Sunday at varying times during the day. Please consider this circumstance when you make your decision to try out for a competitive team.

Due to weather conditions, please check the jagline 365-2218 for updates prior to attending the tryout.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baseball Recognition Night - NOAH Football Halftime - Sept. 9th

The baseball program will be recognized at the NOAH football home game this Friday, September 9th. The football Jags will play Metro Christian Patriots at 7:30 p.m.

NOAH will play at the BA South Intermediate field  located just east of Elm Street on 101st in Broken Arrow.

All 2011 baseball players and coaches will be admitted free if they wear a game jersey and/or cap. Just tell the gate attendee you play baseball for NOAH. Special recognition will be given for the 12U 2011 Oklahoma USSSA State Champions!

Right before halftime, meet at the south end of the field. The PA guy will announce the baseball program and you can walk on the field in front of the home crowd to be recognized.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Baseball - Update

Fall Baseball sign-ups are closed. 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fall Ball - Youth Teams

Fall Ball - Information

We have some interest in forming fall baseball teams.  Fall baseball is very relaxed, minimal practices, no standings, no trophies. Teams will play at Indian Springs.  If you are interested, please email Darron Replogle at by August 15th.

Fall Baseball 2011
2011 Fall Ball League
WOOD BAT For Ages 11 and up.

$650 per Team 9 yrs to 18 yrs.
$ 450 per Team 8 yrs and younger (Coach Pitch)

12 Game Schedule Sunday “Double Header” 
September 11th – October 16th (23rd for rain out make ups)
 No Standings or Trophies. No Uniforms Required.
Entry Forms on our website must be received by September 2nd.
All league fees MUST be paid by Coaches Meeting or spot forfeited.
 Mandatory Coaches Meeting September 7th at 6:30 pm at the BAYB Offices located at the Indian Springs Sports Complex
Games are not guaranteed due to rain however  additional Sundays or Saturdays may be used as  Rain out Dates if possible.
League Overview:
Teams/players will play the age they will play in the Spring of 2011.
 All games are to be scheduled on Sundays
Season will consist of 12 games, some may be double headers but teams will play 2 games on Sundays.
Open Roster
Drop Dead game times: 1 hr for Coach pitch and 1.5 hrs for Kid Pitch
Leagues: Tiger 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 13U, 14U 60/90, 15-18
Odd ages play up (11’s play 12U, etc.)
No pitching Limitations: USE GOOD JUDGEMENT
Entire available roster bats
Three outs or 5 runs to end a team’s at bat

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pictured:  laying down (bat boy) Mitch Grantham
Kneeling (left to right): Austin Lilly, Keaton McDaniel, Dan Merrill, Nate Raper, Sam Replogle, Ben Replogle, Matt Merrill
Standing (left to right): Coach Darron Replogle, Josiah Lynn, Logan Stolz, Aaron Field, Will Grantham, Pat Castleberry, Coach Gene Lilly, Caleb Raper, Coach Greg Lynn and Coach Rick Castleberry

The NOAH 13U team traveled to Cedar Hill, Texas to compete in the 14 and under Class A World Series on June 23-26.  The first day of activities was the skills and drills competition.  Josiah Lynn finished 2nd place in the accuracy throw from centerfield to home plate.  Caleb Raper finished in 3rd place in the velocity throw.  Caleb was clocked at 67 mph.  The winner was clocked at 69 mph, second place was 68 mph. Austin Lilly, Will Grantham, Ben Replogle, Pat Castleberry, Keaton McDaniel and Matt Merrill finished in 3rd place in the Around the Horn competition.  The day ended with a parade for all teams.

The Jags started pool play on Thursday against Texas 14A State Champion White Settlement, TX Express.  It was a close game 6-4 until the Express broke open the game to win 14-4.  In the second pool play game, the Jags were outdueled 4-2 by the White Settlemen, TX Dodgers. The Jags last pool game was on Friday against Red Oak, Texas, the defending 13U 2010 World Series Champion.  The Jags battled the whole game and with the game tied 8-8 with two outs, Josiah Lynn knocked in Austin Lilly with an RBI double to win the game.  The Jags and Red Oak battled again the next day in double elimination bracket play.  The Jags jumped out early and coasted to an 11-2 win over Red Oak.  The Jags then played the undefeated #1 seed White Settlement, TX Mets.  The Jags scored 5 runs in the first inning and took an 8-3 lead.  The Mets battled back to within 8-6.  The Mets then scored 4 runs to take a 10-8 lead into the last inning.  With 2 outs, Logan Stolz hit an RBI single to score Aaron Field.  Caleb Raper hit an RBI double to score Stolz to tie the game.  Pat Castleberry hit a sharp grounder to second baseman who bobbled and made a low throw to first not in time for the out to allow Raper to score the go ahead run.  Matt Merrill pitched the bottom half of the inning striking out 3 of the 4 batters faced to shut down the Mets.

The Jags faced the #2 seed Express in the winner's bracket game.  The Jags jumped out early 3-0 but the Express roared back and won the game 11-3 in six innings.  The Mets battled back through the loser's bracket to take on the Jags for a chance to play the Express in the Championship.  The Jags held a 2-1 lead through three innings.  A few miscues in the field lead to 7 runs of which only 3 were earned.  The Mets held on to win 8-3.  The 13U Jags finished in 3rd place in the 14U Class A World Series.  The Jags held their own against bigger and older competition.  Good job Jags!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oklahoma State Championships - FINAL Update

The 12U, 13U and 14U baseball teams competed in the Oklahoma USSSA State Championships over the weekend.  The teams battled top teams across the state in hot and windy temperatures over a 3-day period.  The 12U and 13U both played in the Championship game in their age group.

The 12U team was seeded #14 out of 17 teams and swept through the brackets knocking off the #3-seed Pryor, #6-seed Sand Springs, #1-seed SS Sox and beat the #2-seed Mannford Pirates twice to capture the 12U Oklahoma State Championship!

 Pictured: (bottom row) Jono Harrington, Joey Redenuis, Nate Raper, Dan Merrill, Drew Dillingham, Kirk Shiew
 (back row) Sam Replogle, Justin Taylor, Evan Jacoby and Nano Moss
Coaches Mark Raper, Rod Merrill, Ron Harrington and Randy Jacoby

The 13U team went in the State Tournament as the #4-seed.  They beat the #5-seed Muskogee and the #1-seed Stillwater and then lost to #7-seed Yukon.  They then played the #5-seed Muskogee again and beat them 10-2 for a shot in the championship game against Yukon.  Yukon beat the Jags10-5 in the finals.  The Jags finished as 13U Oklahoma State Runner-ups.

Pictured: (bottom row) Pat Castleberry, Aaron Field, Will Grantham, Caleb Raper, Logan Stolz, Cody Dillingham

(back row) Austin Lilly, Keaton McDaniel, Matt Merrill, Ben Replogle and Josiah Lynn
Coaches Darron Replogle, Gene Lilly, Rick Castleberry and Greg Lynn

The 14u team lost both games in the tournament and finished 0-2.

The Jags are building a solid foundation for the future.  Way to go Jags!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jr High Teams Compete in State Tournament

NOAH junior high baseball teams compete in the USSSA Oklahoma State Tournament this coming weekend.  To follow the teams click on the links below.

The 14U team first game is Friday at Bixby Bentley Park at 3 p.m. vs Wagoner

The 13U team first game is Friday at Jenks at 9 p.m. vs Muskogee

The 12U team first game is Friday at Sand Springs at 4 p.m. vs Pryor

Go Jags!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10U Jags Crowned Champions

Pictured (left to right):
bottom row: Solid Penrod, Will Faust, Moses Davis, Naman Cook and Beej Moss
second row: Seth Collingsworth, Mitch Grantham, Gabe Wunsch and Joe Donegan
Coaches Randie Grantham, Chris Wunsch and Andrew Moss

The 10U team recently finished in first place in league play with a 11-3-1 record. The team played in the post season tournament during the week of June 6-9 at Indian Springs. The Jags won their first two pool games beating the BA Marlins 13-11 and Cedar Ridge Rangers 15-6. In the bracket play, they beat the BA Titans 10-8. In the semi-finals, the Jags beat the BA Colt .45s 5-4. For the Championship, they beat the BA Outlaws 11-3. Joe Donegan hit 3 home-runs over the fence in the tournament.

The 10U finished the season 19-3-1 led by coaches Andrew Moss, Randie Grantham and Chris Wunsch.

Way to go JAGS!

Monday, June 6, 2011

High School Tryouts - June 11th

NOAH Baseball will be holding tryouts for the 2011/2012 High School Varsity and JV team on Saturday, June 11th at 1:30 p.m. at the NOAH practice fields on 83rd and 129th east avenue. Eligible players must be homeschool to participate. Current year players must attend the tryouts. Please wear baseball attire. Be at the field for warm-ups by 1:00 p.m.

Players that make the high school team will begin summer work-out program leading into a fall program.

If you can not make the tryouts this Saturday and want a shot to make the team, you need to call Coach Blake ASAP.

For further information, please contact Coach Ray Blake at or by phone at 918-527-9530.

Go Jags!

Ray Blake
NOAH Jaguars Baseball
Varsity - Head Coach

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NOAH High School Baseball Summer Schedule

The high school baseball team summer league schedule is as follows:


May 31 Game @ Inola at 6:00 2-5 inning games

June 6 Game @ Webster at 5:00 2-5 inning games

June 13 Game @ Inola at 6:00 2-5 inning games

June 14 Game @ Sapulpa JV 2-5 inning games

June 17/18 Tournament in Harrison, Arkansas

June 21 Game @ Webster at 5:00 2-5 inning games

June 25 Game @ Sapulpa at 1:00 2-5 inning games

June 27 Game @ Okmulgee at 5:30 2-5 inning games


Contact Coach Ray Blake for more information 918-527-9530 




 NOAH Jaguars |Darron Replogle| Baseball Athletic Director
cell 918-640-8102 |  * |



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2012 High School Baseball Tryouts - June 11, 2011

NOAH Baseball will be holding tryouts for the 2011/2012 High School Varsity and JV team on Saturday, June 11th at 1:30 p.m. at the NOAH practice fields on 83rd and 129th east avenue. Eligible players must be homeschool to participate. Current year players must attend the tryouts. Please wear baseball attire. Be at the field for warm-ups by 1:00 p.m.

For further information, please contact Coach Ray Blake at or by phone at 918-527-9530.

Go Jags!

Ray Blake
NOAH Jaguars Baseball
Varsity - Head Coach

Sunday, May 8, 2011

12U Team wins UnionTournament

pictured (left to right) bottom row: Drew Dillingham, Dan Merrill, Jon Harrington, Kirk Shiew, Nate Raper
back row: Evan Jacoby, Sam Replogle, Justin Taylor, Nano Moss, Joey Redenius; Coach Jacoby, Coach Harrington, Coach Merrill and Coach Raper

The NOAH 12U Team won the Union Tournament at Hilti Park on May 7th.  The Jags won their pool play games over Checotah and Oklahoma Revolution the weekend before but due to rain they had to finish up bracket play this past Saturday.   They beat the Bixby Braves in the first round of bracket play 14-4.  In the semi-finals, they beat the Checotah Wildcats 8-4.  In the Championship game, the Jags won 21-6 over the Oklahoma Revolution.  The 12U team is currently ranked #1 in the State and #7 in the Nation in the 12U division.

Way to go Jags!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

World Series Update - May 7th

Tulsa NOAH Jaguar finished in 7th place out of 28 teams at the Homeschool World Series in Auburndale, Florida.  The Jags run-ruled the 11th-ranked Montgomery, AL 20-0 in three innings.  The Jags 7th place finish is the highest placement in the program's history since finishing in 8th place in 2009.  The Jags won the Division III Championship last year.

Friday, May 6, 2011

World Series Update - May 6th Part II

Tulsa NOAH Jaguars played in the consolation semi-finals on Friday afternoon against 3rd-ranked Richmond, VA. Jaguars scored early to take a 2-0 lead but the Richmond Patriots came back strong to win 8-2.  NOAH will play Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. versus 11th-ranked Montgomery, Alabama for 7th place in the Division 1 Championship Bracket. 

Go Jags!

World Series Update - Friday May 6th

The 9th-ranked Tulsa NOAH Jaguars lost 10-5 to the 4th-ranked and #6 seed Ft. Worth Riders in the Division 1 quarter-finals on Thursday afternoon.

Jags play Friday at 2:00 p.m. in the consolation bracket semi-finals against 8th-ranked and #2 seed Richmond, North Carolina.  Richmond lost their opening round game 6-5 to 3rd-ranked and #7 seed Raleigh, NC.

If the Jags win today, they play for the consolation championship (5th place) on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.  If they lose, they play for 7th place on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

Go Jags!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HWSA Update Thursday May 5th - Jags Advance to Div 1

Auburndale, Florida
May 5th, 2011

The 9th-ranked Tulsa NOAH Jaguars won their qualifier game in the Championship Brackets this morning 3-1 over the unranked Peachtree City Citadels.  The game was scoreless through the first two innings until the Jags scored 3 runs in the top of the 3rd.  The Citadels scored one run in the bottom of the 6th inning.  Freshman Josh Ferguson pitched a complete game scattering 7 hits, no walks and 6 strikeouts on 105 pitches.

The Jags will be the #3 seed in the Division 1 Championship Bracket and will play the quarterfinal game today at 3:30 pm CST against nationally 4th-ranked  and the #6 seed Ft. Worth  THESA Riders.

Go Jags!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Schedules, Stats, and Rankings

Next Game
The Tulsa NOAH Jaguars have advanced to the next round of qualifying  by defeating the Charlotte Stampede, on Tuesday afternoon.
The next competition is set for Thursday morning, followed by another game later in the day. If NOAH wins the first, they will be placed in the championship bracket. If they also win the 2nd Thursday game, they will be in the semifinals for the national homeschool baseball title.

NOAH is one of 16 teams still in the hunt for a national title. Here are the teams still competing for world series champion.
Rank   Team
2     Dallas Angels
3     Raleigh Warriors
4     Fort Worth Riders
6     Atlanta Barons
8     Richmond Patriots
9     Tulsa Jaguars
11   Houston Falcons
12   Montgomery Saints
13   Sterling Heights Summit
14   Dallas Spartans
18   Texas Mustangs
23   Augusta Crusaders
-      Peachtree City Citadels
-      St. Louis Patriots
-     Woodstock Knights

NOAH's Jebediah Penrod leads the homeschool nation in On=Base percentage (.600). He has homeschool's 3rd best batting average (.543) His slugging is #2 in the nation (.914)
Cole Wilson's pitching ERA is the 8th best (3.13) and his batting average is #10 in homeschool baseball (.417).
Ben Beaver has Homeschool's 5th best fielding rating (.961). NOAH fills out the fielding top 10 with #6 Joe Sabatini, #8 Caleb Baca, & #9 Jebadiah Penrod.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World series qualifier game 3, by Fred Sabatini

Fred Sabatini sent in text messages of the action, today. Read these events from the bottom -up.

 NOAH vs Charlotte Stampede
 From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Infield out. Pop fly out. Outfield error single, left field shot, RBI double. Pop fly out! Jags win 12-8. Jags are playing in a Qualifier game tomorrow at either 11:30 or 2:00 on Thursday to determine whether we go Div I or Div II. Still in the hunt and guaranteed a better finish than last year! Seeding for Q games announced tonight at HWSA Family night! Go Jags! Date: 05/03/11 10:20:37 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Wes - out at first. Bear - strike out. Ryan - bunt, out. Top of 7. Jags up 12-6. Date: 05/03/11 8:41:12 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Bottom of 6. 12-6 Jags! Date: 05/03/11 8:35:20 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Ben - single, Baca - single, Jeb - walk, Sab - Fly out RBI, Cole - fly out. Matty - fly out. Jags up 12-5! Date: 05/03/11 8:26:53 PM
To: Fred Sabatini  Message: Sweet Date: 05/03/11 3:22:33 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Pop fly out. Infield hit, out. Double, one run in. Deep fly out to left field. Jags up 11-5. Bottom of 5. Date: 05/03/11 8:16:40 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Top of 5, 11-4. Date: 05/03/11 8:09:11 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Top of 4, Jags up 9-2! Date: 05/03/11 7:48:59 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Sorry. Phone died. 7-2 Jags! bottom of 3rd. 1 out man on 1st Date: 05/03/11 7:40:33 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Ben-strike out, Baca - dbl, Jeb - dbl, scores a run, Sab infield out, Cole - single, scored run. Matty - infield single on 1B error. Wes - single, scores run. Bear - infield out at first. Jags up 3-1. Date: 05/03/11 7:04:37 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message:
Walk, base hit, out at 2nd. Base hit, out at 1st. Single scores a run. Pop fly out. Jags down 0-1. Date: 05/03/11 6:50:34 PM
From: Fred Sabatini ( Message: Start time 2:40. Jags home team, Wes Schaffer on the mound. Date: 05/03/11 6:41:48 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Play Charlotte Stampede at 2:00. Same team we lost to yesterday. If we win we are in Q games to determine Division I or II. Lose we go to Division III Tourny. Date: 05/03/11 3:11:26 PM

 NOAH vs Raleigh Hawks
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Fourth batter - pop fly RF - out!! Jags win!! 6-4. Date: 05/03/11 3:08:21 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Third batter - single over 3rd base head. Date: 05/03/11 3:07:33 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Second Batter - Ben huge diving catch over 2nd ! Two outs! Date: 05/03/11 3:05:46 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: First batter - strike out swinging! Date: 05/03/11 3:04:54 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Bottom of seven, Wes on the bump. Date: 05/03/11 3:02:28 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Top of seven - Wes, out at 1st. Dillingham pop fly foul, out. Ben - hit to SS, out. Date: 05/03/11 3:01:38 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Bottom of 6 - Cole still pitching. Walked. Infield hit to SS, out at second, safe at first. Cole over throws pick off at first, runner advances to second. Cole pulled, Wes comes in to pitch with one out. Deep hit to RF, out. Runner advances to third. Shot between 2nd & 3rd. Jeb makes a great catch. Jags up 6-4. Date: 05/03/11 2:58:07 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Top of 6, top of order. Ben - deep single to LF. Ben steals second on pass ball. New pitcher. Baca - walked. Jeb - 100 foul balls, hits a double, run comes in. Sab - Intentional walk, bases loaded. Cole - strikes out. Matt - passed ball, Baca scores, runners advance. Strike out. Cooper - Strike out. Jags up 6-4. Date: 05/03/11 2:47:50 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Bottom of 5 - Dbl to LF. In field hit, out at 1st. Runner on third. Hit to 3rd, throw at home, safe. Run comes in. Hit to 2nd double play. Tied 4-4. Date: 05/03/11 2:29:31 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Top of 5. Sab - full count, single to CF. Cole - Pop fly out. Matt - beautiful bunt down 3rd base line. Man on first & second. Scott - Strikes out. Wes - single to CF, runners advance, scores one run. Man on 1st & 2nd, steals 3rd. Ryan - strikes out. Jags up 4-3. Date: 05/03/11 2:23:03 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Walk, Walk, hit to Jeb, double play, man on 3rd. Hit to Jeb, out at first. No runs in. Tied 3-3. Date: 05/03/11 2:13:17 PM
From: Fred Sabatini (+1-918-607-0549) Message: Scott - strikes out. Wes - hit to 3rd base, out at 1st. Ryan - in field hit, error, single. Ben - in field hit, 1B error, single. Ryan advances to second. Baca - single between 1st & 2nd, runners advance, Ryan scores. Jeb - hit to second, out at first. Tied 3-3. Bottom of 4. Date: 05/03/11 2:06:23 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Base hit out at first. HBP, steals second. Passed ball, steals third. Hit to CF out, runner scores. Hit to LF, runner scores. Pop up - Joe catches, out. Jags down 3-2. Top of 4. Date: 05/03/11 1:56:02 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Baca - Deep Lft, out. Jeb - Deep Lft, out. Sab - single to center. Wes in for Joe. Wes steals 2nd. Cole - single to CF, error turns to dbl. Wes on 3rd. Matt - strikes out. Runners left on 2nd & 3rd. Jags up 2-1. Bottom of 3. Date: 05/03/11 1:48:45 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: 2 deep shots, both caught in the outfield, line drive to SS, out at first. Top of 3, Jags up 2-1. Date: 05/03/11 1:37:03 PM
From: Fred Sabatini Message: Matty- walk, Scott - Bunt, out Matty advances to 2nd, Schaffer - Deep single 1st base line, scores Matty. Ryan - passed ball, wes steals second, out at first, wes steals third. Ben - strike out. Jags up 2-1. Date: 05/03/11 1:32:11 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Cole pitching - 2 hits, 1 run. Score 1-1. Top of 2 Date: 05/03/11 1:22:09 PM
From: Fred Sabatini  Message: Top of 1. Ben fly out to center, Baca line drive out to second, Jeb line drive single over second baseman, Joe double, scores Jeb 1-0 jags. Cole hit to second, out at first. Jags 1, Raleigh Hawks 0 Date: 05/03/11 1:13:17 PM

World Series Update: Tuesday 9am Game

The NOAH Jags beat the 18th-ranked Raleigh Hawks 6-4. The Jags gets another shot at the championship bracket with a rematch against 10th-ranked Charlotte Stampede at 2pm ET.

If the Jaguars are unsuccessful, they will enter the Div.3 bracket for the remainder of the week.

Webcasts will provide live coverage of Friday and Saturday games at

World Series Update: Monday

    NOAH entered the National Tournament ranked 9th among the nation's homeschool varsity baseball teams. In their opening game they played a very tough Charlotte Stampede squad (currently ranked 10th).
The outcome was a disappointing 2-7 loss for the Jaguars.
    Tuesday at 9am ET, the Tulsa NOAH team plays the 18th-ranked Raleigh Hawks. The winner gets another shot at the championship bracket with a rematch against Charlotte Stampede at 2pm ET.
If the Jaguars are unsuccessful, they will enter the Div.3 bracket for the remainder of the week.
    Webcasts will provide live coverage of Friday and Saturday games at

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prayer Request - Rungtranont Family

Dear Jaguar Baseball Families,

With a sad heart, I ask all baseball families to be in prayer for the Rungrtanont family.  Steven Rungtranont, 36 years old, passed away unexpected on Wednesday.  The Rungtranonts are on the NOAH 1st grade baseball team this year.  Funeral services will be Tuesday, May 3rd at 11:00 a.m. at Reynolds Funeral Home on 21st and Sheridan.  Please keep his wife Lana and family in your prayers as GOD gives them in comfort during this time.

If you would like to send a sympathy card, please follow the link:  Memorial Information

Our prayers are with you,
The Jaguar Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homeschool World Series Update


The NOAH Jaguars Baseball Varsity depart for Florida, this weekend. Beginning May 2nd, the team competes for the Homeschool National Championship.
The final 2 days of competition will be webcast, live! Watch for details at .
NOAH is currently a top-ten team and only narrowly lost to the current #1 team. The current rankings are listed at
Follow the action all week and cheer on the team.


Parents and fans are encouraged to post daily updates to NOAH Baseball's Twitter feed. Follow NOAH Baseball on Twitter, here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

10U Jaguars win Pre-Season Tournament - March 31st

Pictured (left to right): Connor Herzberg, Seth Collingsworth, Benjamin Moss, Moses Davis, William Faust, Gabe Wunsch, Mitch Grantham, Solid Penrod, Naman Cook, Joe Donegan.  Coaches Grantham, Wunsch and Moss.

The 10U Jaguars won the BAYB Randy Broyles Pre-Season Tournament on March 31st. The Jags beat the BA Blackhawks in the first round 17-0. In the second round, the Jags beat the Colt 45s 14-1. The Jags beat the Marlins in the semi-finals 11-4. The Jags played the Marlins again the championship game and won 8-5.  Jags take their 4-0 record into league play beginning next week.  Way to go Jags! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 - Varsity Jags Play 2

Let's Play Two!

The varsity high school team will play a double header on Thursday, March 17th versus Wichita Word of Life at 4:30 p.m. at LaFortune Park (61st and Yale).

Come out to support the baseball team and wear blue!

Go Jags!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JAG DAY- High School Home Opener - March 4th


Come support the high school baseball Jags as they play Mannford Pirates at 4:30 p.m. at LaFortune Park (61st and Yale) on Friday, March 4th.

All NOAH players and coaches will be admitted free.  Wear your Jag colors and come out to support the high school baseball team.  The JV will play after the varsity.


Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Elementary REC Baseball Sign-ups - Jan. 29th

2011 Elementary Baseball REC Players

When: January 29th, 2011 from 9:30 a.m-12:00 p.m.

Where: Tulsa Bible Church – 5838 S. Sheridan, Tulsa, OK. Signups will be in the gym basement.

Who: Homeschool Players Grades K-5th grade. TKB(Tulsa Kids Baseball) has a September 1st cutoff date. So your age will determine the grade.

2011 Player Fees - $90
2011 Uniform Cost – Estimated $40.

NOAH has a No Pay No Play policy and a No Refund Policy on player fees. There are some exceptions to these rules but they are rare. Make check payable to NOAH.

We will wear the same uniform design as last year which was royal blue t-shirt, belt and socks, grey pants, royal blue cap. You are allowed to wear last year’s uniform so long as it still looks good.

Please go to the website and click on FORMS and print off the following forms, fill them out and bring them on Jan. 29th.

1) Elementary Player Code of Conduct (K-5th grade players)
2) Parent Code of Conduct (signed by both parents)
3) NOAH Baseball Athletic Release and Medical Authorization
4) TKB (Tulsa Kids Baseball) Form for K-5th Graders
5) Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate

Coaching Forms: (All Coaches)
1) Coaching Application
2) Coach Code of Conduct

Darron Replogle
Baseball Athletic Director