Sunday, May 6, 2012

HWSA Day 5 Recap 3rd Place Game- May 5th

Division II - 3rd Place Game 
May 5th
Auburndale, Florida

St. Louis, MO 4 NOAH 2

The Jags battled the St. Louis Patroits in the DII 3rd place game as Scott Koszykowski made his first appearance on the hill of the tournament.  Kozy scattered 9 hits, 3 walks and 4 runs over 7 innings.  The Jags played flawless defense committing no errors but couldn't get the sticks going on offense. Ben Beaver and Josh Ferguson had singles and Cole Wilson's double were the only hits of the game.  The Partiots walked 7 batters and had 4 errors but the Jags could only muster 2 runs.  With the loss, the NOAH Jaguars ended 4th in Division II and 12th overall in a field of 27.

~Charles Burka

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NOAHJAG4 said...

Correction: Caleb Baca hit a double to the left-center wall to lead off the 5th inning. Our scorekeeper's mind was obviously elsewhere during this time.