Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Schedules, Stats, and Rankings

Next Game
The Tulsa NOAH Jaguars have advanced to the next round of qualifying  by defeating the Charlotte Stampede, on Tuesday afternoon.
The next competition is set for Thursday morning, followed by another game later in the day. If NOAH wins the first, they will be placed in the championship bracket. If they also win the 2nd Thursday game, they will be in the semifinals for the national homeschool baseball title.

NOAH is one of 16 teams still in the hunt for a national title. Here are the teams still competing for world series champion.
Rank   Team
2     Dallas Angels
3     Raleigh Warriors
4     Fort Worth Riders
6     Atlanta Barons
8     Richmond Patriots
9     Tulsa Jaguars
11   Houston Falcons
12   Montgomery Saints
13   Sterling Heights Summit
14   Dallas Spartans
18   Texas Mustangs
23   Augusta Crusaders
-      Peachtree City Citadels
-      St. Louis Patriots
-     Woodstock Knights

NOAH's Jebediah Penrod leads the homeschool nation in On=Base percentage (.600). He has homeschool's 3rd best batting average (.543) His slugging is #2 in the nation (.914)
Cole Wilson's pitching ERA is the 8th best (3.13) and his batting average is #10 in homeschool baseball (.417).
Ben Beaver has Homeschool's 5th best fielding rating (.961). NOAH fills out the fielding top 10 with #6 Joe Sabatini, #8 Caleb Baca, & #9 Jebadiah Penrod.

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