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Spring 2011 Youth Competitive Team Tryouts - October 9th

Baseball Spring 2011 Competitive Team Tryouts – 10U thru 14U

For all tryouts please arrive 30 minutes early for sign-in and to warm-up.

All prospects should dress in baseball attire (wear a protective cup) and bring your glove, bat and water bottle. Tryouts will commence on time as indicated below. You should start throwing the baseball now. Don’t wait until next week to start throwing the baseball. Your arm will be tested at various ranges during the tryouts. You don’t want to jeopardize an injury for failure to prepare now and cost your chance at a spot on the team.

All team rosters are open. If you played on a NOAH competitive team last year, you must tryout again this year.

The tryouts will last approximately 2 hours. Depending on the number of prospects, it could be longer.

Tryout Location: NOAH Practice Fields located at 83rd and S. 129th East Ave. (between 81st and 91st) at the New Creations Church. There are no restroom facilities at the practice fields. The nearest facility is at the QuikTrip at the corner of 81st and Garnett. Please take care of business prior to tryout.

Roster: Each team will be limited to 10 or 11 players. Please note that if we have enough players to form odd age teams like an 11 yr old and/or 13 yr old team, we will form teams accordingly. For the evaluation purposes, we are combining ages. Players must be homeschool unless grandfathered into the program.

Fees: Expect to pay anywhere from $200-300 plus $100-120 uniform cost.

2011 League: The last two years, all competitive teams have played at Indian Springs (131st and 145th east ave). Each year, we evaluate which league is the best fit for our teams. There are 14-16 regular season games plus 4-5 weekend tournaments. Please note, there will be occasional tournament games played on Sunday at varying times during the day. Please consider this circumstance when you make your decision to try out for a competitive team.

Tryout Dates:

13U/14U Team - Oct. 9th - 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Ages 13 or 14 and under as of 4/30/2011

11U/12U Team - Oct. 9th - Noon- 2:00
Ages 11 or 12 and under as of 4/30/2011

10U Team – Oct. 9th - 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Ages 9 or 10 and under as of 4/30/2011

You will need to download the NOAH Liability Release Tryout Form by going to the main website and click on forms at  and bring to the tryouts.

Due to weather conditions, please check the jagline 365-2218 for updates prior to attending the tryout.


What level of play will NOAH teams compete? Historically, due to the number of players and our culture, NOAH has competed at the AA level. We are a homeschool program and our focus is to develop our “homeschool” talent with the intention of competing against like-skilled talent or better in hope of making us better players in preparation for the high school team. Ultimately, our goal is compete for league, state and national championships through youth to high school levels. If you play competitive baseball, expect to play 14-16 league games plus 16-20 tournament games throughout the season. The season starts in April and ends the last part of June. Indoor workouts start in February. Competitive team players are expected to make time and financial commitments to the team.

Will there be another tryout date if I can’t make this date? Maybe but not guaranteed, we are looking to field a competitive team. Therefore, if after the evaluations there are not 10-11 players with above average skill, we could have another tryout date in November or December. Of course the weather could play a part on our tryout date.

What if my son is not selected for the competitive team? Depending on his skill level, he could be placed on an “alternate” list in case there’s a spot that becomes available before the season starts. NOAH encourages all players to keep working on their skills and to play on the developmental team or tryout out for another competitive team. Life is full of failures and successes, just because they don’t make the NOAH team, inspire them to continue honing their skills. Historically, there has been developmental teams available for 12 and younger players. Developmental team signups will be January 2011. The last two years we had enough interest to form a 14U developmental team. Our first priority is field a competitive team. If there’s enough interest we will do whatever possible to have developmental teams. We have a good working relationship with Indian Springs, so we expect to place the developmental teams there. Developmental teams generally play around 20 games. The player fees are less due to fewer tournaments.

Who will coach the teams? I am in the process of evaluating and selecting a head coach for each team. I desire to have a head coach in place before the tryouts but due to the tryout process and number of teams involved, that determination may not take place until the tryouts or thereafter. The evaluators for the tryouts will be coaching candidates as well as members of the high school coaching staff. We are blessed to have dads with several years of coaching experience.

Competitive Team Coaches
If you want to be considered as a head coach candidate, please shoot me an email ASAP and note which team you would like to be considered.

God Bless,
Darron Replogle
NOAH Baseball AD

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